THAILAND: Hasbro SEA Brand Showcase & Tradeshow 2019

29 Oct 2019

On Monday, 28 October 2019, Pacific Licensing Studio invited numerous licensees, retailers, e-commerce and brand partners to Hasbro SEA Brand Showcase & Tradeshow 2019, held at SF World Cinema, Central World.

Through this tradeshow, Hasbro Consumer Products shared Hasbro’s next 2 years content slate including new and never seen before footages, and have setup a mini product showcase area where attendees were treated to an array of different franchises’ merchandise and demonstration activities for all to try out such as the Nerf shooting gallery, etc.

During the tradeshow finale, Hasbro Consumer Products announced Pacific Licensing Studio as Hasbro’s newly appointed licensing agent across S.E.A. starting with Thailand and we look forward to work with Hasbro Consumer Products & all parties for more exciting Hasbro plans ahead.